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Vaser lipo and liposculpture


What's this?

It is by far the most requested intervention in Aesthetic Surgery. This intervention involves the removal of excess fat deposits that create disproportion and alterations in body harmony.

The excess fat is first infiltrated with a solution containing vasoconstrictive and anesthetic substances and then aspirated using a very small diameter metal cannula. The vacuumed fat can sometimes be repositioned in a different way to change the shapes.

Vaser Lipo

What's this?

It is a new technique for carrying out liposculpture operations through the use of a machine called VASER.

Such machinery through the use of cold ultrasound It allows eliminate adipocytes in a selective and delicate way without causing damage to neighboring tissues. With this technique fat tissue can be eliminated with such precision as to thin the tissues to the point of causing a lifting effect on the skin of the affected area, sculpting the body area to the millimeter and emphasizing the underlying muscles. This way you can give an athletic look to the area you want to improve . This precision in the adipose tissue aspiration allows to reduce enormously bruises, swelling, postoperative pain and therefore also recovery times: the patient will be able to leave the clinic a few hours after the operation. This type of liposculpture is called precisely HIGH DEFINITION LIPOSUCTION, was initially born in the United States from the need of bodybuilders to give prominence to their muscles, the use was then extended to the whole public.

Useful Information

When and how is it done?

Vaser lipo is indicated for all areas of the body where there is excess adipose tissue therefore the indication is similar to that of classical liposuction. The areas to be treated are first infiltrated with a containing solution vasoconstrictive and anesthetic substances , this to facilitate subsequent aspiration and limit bleeding. At this point it is introduced the VASER probe which, by emitting cold ultrasounds, liquefies the adipose tissue making its extraction easy and precise.


Obesity, excessive skin laxity of the area to be treated, blood coagulation disorders. Other pathologies to be evaluated during the preoperative visit.


from 1 to 5 hours


According to the size of the area: local, spinal or general


from 1 to 15 days


1 week first checkup
2 weeks according to control
4 weeks third checkup



In preparation for surgery patients will be able to undergo sessions of machines that stimulate the circulatory and lymphatic systems in order to better prepare the tissues for the intervention

Patients from a month before the operation they will have to take supplements based on collagen and vitamins.



Immediately after surgery, try to walk and move around, but do not overexert yourself.

Wear a girdle night and day for 4-6 weeks. Return to work after 4-5 days. Return to physical activity one week after surgery. Take prescribed medications.

The postoperative period is completely painless. The patient can return to daily activity after 3 days.The first visit is 7 days after the operation, the second at 14 days. The result is definitive and will be seen immediately to improve progressively up to 3 months after the operation.

This intervention removes LIPODYSTROPHIES i.e. those pathological accumulations of adipose tissue that are very difficult to eliminate with diet and sport. It removes them permanently as removed a certain number of adipocytes will not be able to form others in the future and if you gain weight it will be done in a uniform and proportionate way without accumulating adipose tissue first in the lipodystrophic areas.

In the postoperative period, a diet rich in proteins and collagen and the intake of dietary supplements based on collagen and omega 3 are recommended. In order to optimize the result the patient will also have to undergo some THERMAGE and SMOOTH SHAPES sessions, machines capable of draining liquids, stimulating the lymphatic system, eliminating residual cellulite and stimulating the production of new collagen. These sessions will further optimize the surgical result.

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