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Poland syndrome.

What's this?

This syndrome takes its name from the British surgeon (Alfred Poland) who first described it and is a rare disease that affects one child every 20/30 thousand and is characterized by unilateral anomalies affecting the muscles of the chest or an upper limb, generally the right one.

Malformations can affect the pectoralis major muscles, ribs, chest, arms and fingers. To date, the cause of Poland syndrome is not known, even if it is assumed that it could be a genetic disease.

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The results

The malformations are such as to inhibit a correct psychophysical development of the affected children, so much so that a correct education allows the development of manual activities even in the bearers of the most serious malformations.

The treatment is surgical and makes use of reconstructive plastic surgery techniques involving flaps, surgical grafts and permanent prostheses.

Each case affected by Poland syndrome must be carefully evaluated in order to choose the most appropriate surgical technique.

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