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What's this?

Sculpsure is unique in Southern Italy. The most advanced machine in the world for the non-surgical elimination of excess adipose tissue.

Sculpsure is the only non-surgical alternative to liposuction.

Results already evident with just one session

A single session reduces localized adipose tissue by 25% in just 25 minutes

Painless and risk-free


The results

It is a latest generation technology that uses a diode laser with a 1060nm frequency, which allows hyperthermic treatments to be carried out for the destruction of localized adipose tissue.

SCULPSURE selectively affects adipocytes without causing any damage to neighboring tissues. Thanks to this technology SCULPSURE is the only machine for the non-surgical elimination of adipose tissue approved by the FDA (food and drugs administration)

The treatment consists in the application of 4 diode laser probes on the area to be treated. The body temperature is raised between 42° and 47° allowing the laser to act in depth. The plate cooling system protects the skin so that the tissues are not damaged.

After 6 weeks of treatment there will be a reduction in fat and an increase in tone.

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