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Rhinoplasty and Rhinoseptoplasty.

What's this?

It is the aesthetic surgery par excellence. It is an intervention that fascinates and conquers both men and women of any age.

This intervention has always been in the common imagination: the first rhinoplasty operations were carried out by the Indians even thousands of years before Christ who, to reconstruct the nose following its amputation, performed what is still called the "Indian flap".

Useful Information


1-2 hours


General or local with sedation


5 days


1 week first checkup
2 weeks according to control
1 month third checkup


The results

There are literally hundreds of different techniques to perform this operation because each nose is unique and particular and therefore you will have hundreds of different needs to satisfy.

Being the nose at the center of the face, it is essential that it gives harmony and character to the whole visus. A perfect nose does not always mean beauty: sometimes a slight imperfection can give character to a face, giving it more softness or hardness, and this is what a good plastic surgeon must interpret. It is a very technical and artistic intervention at the same time and requires a great deal of experience.

Rhinoplasty has a huge impact on the patient's psyche. In my experience I have seen patients literally change their personality following this surgery. People who were previously shy have become self-confident; people who previously didn't look others in the eye, after this intervention they do it without any hesitation.

A well-performed rhinoplasty truly gives great satisfaction to both the patient and the surgeon who performs it. The duration of the operation varies according to the technique performed (30 min. - 2 hours).

It is an operation that is performed under general anesthesia and can be done both in day hospital and with an overnight stay in hospital.



Absolute rest for a week during which a chalk will be worn on the nose that must not be touched or wet. For the first few days you will need to sleep with your head held high and eat cold foods (ice cream, yoghurt).

Take prescribed medications.

First check-up one week after the operation, during which the cast and any sutures will be removed.

At this point it will be possible to return to work and to everyday life except for physical sporting activity for which it is advisable to wait another 3 weeks.
For the first 4 weeks be very careful not to bump your nose to avoid possible complications.
After 4 weeks second control visit.
After 6 weeks last checkup.




Before after

Intervention of Liplift + Rhinoplasty

rhinoplasty and liplift moraci1primarhinoplasty and liplift moraci1after
rhinoplasty and liplift moraci2primarhinoplasty and liplift moraci2after
rhinoplasty and liplift moraci3primarhinoplasty and liplift moraci3after
rhinoplasty and liplift moraci4primarhinoplasty and liplift moraci4after

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