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Marco Moraci, surgeon who deals with Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic, specializes in rhinoplasty operations in Naples.

La rhinoplasty in Naples it is one of the most common operations among those that can be performed in the field of surgery: it can have a purely aesthetic purpose, but also a functional purpose.

La rhinoplasty it is one of the most common operations among those that can be performed in the field of cosmetic surgery: it can have a purely aesthetic purpose, but also a functional purpose.

Specifications of rhinoplasty surgery

Intervention duration:

Post operation recovery:


Sun exposure:

Duration of hospitalization:

Price of the intervention:

1 hours

from 7 – to 20 days

anesthesiologically assisted sedation

After 1 month

In the day


Rhinoplasty prices Naples

I rhinoplasty prices they vary according to many factors: it is not possible to indicate a priori figure, since each person has specific needs which require an ad hoc intervention.

These needs can only be assessed through a preliminary medical examination, which is usually made available for free.

Among other things, in some cases there may be the possibility of benefiting from an intervention borrowed from the National Health System.

Who can have rhinoplasty surgery?

Rhinoplasty surgery should be done at least after the completion of the fifteenth year of age, and that is when the bone structures have now completed their growth. 

In the case of minors, however, the pre-operative interview, which serves to verify the patient's awareness and above all his real intention to undergo rhinoplasty.

The operation is recommended for those who wish to improve their physical appearance: it is essential that the patient is in good health.

nose surgery rhinoplasty in Naplesrhinoplasty surgery in Naples


Rhinoplasty surgery lasts at least forty minutes, but depending on the case it can go up to two and a half hours. 

In any case, the operation is carried out in day hospital, even if sometimes there may be a need to keep the patient in the hospital for a night. No special precautions are required in preparation for the operation.

The possible result is assessed in advance through the so-called pre-surgical morphing: in practice, modified photographs are displayed which allow you to verify the result that could be obtained and also to measure to the millimeter the interventions that will have to be carried out.

The post-operative period is short and not painful or traumatic: the return to social life is rapid and there is no risk of bleeding. The bruises and edemas are reabsorbed in about 15 days, but in any case they are not too visible. 

Once the surgery has been completed, a nosepiece is placed on the nose plastic back mouldable which must be left in position for about ten days, in some cases even two weeks. 

In the case of septoplasty nasal swabs are also applied, which in any case are removed within a few hours or at the latest after a few days. You can go back to work in a week, and the swelling disappears within ten days. In the month following the intervention it is advisable do not expose yourself to the risk of trauma, and therefore avoid sports such as basketball, football or volleyball.

The result of a rhinoplasty can be considered definitive more or less after eight months, since the bone remodeling it takes quite a long time. However, the result is already visible after the first month, when the tissues have stabilized.

This operation allows you to intervene, as mentionedon functional or aesthetic nasal anomalies. 

The bony and cartilaginous structures of the patient's nasal pyramid are removed, modified, adapted or repositioned as appropriate. It may be necessary, for example, decrease the shape of the toe, or erase a hump on the nasal dorsum

In other cases, rhinoplasty is used to correct a nose that is too big, and that is what in scientific terms is defined as global hypertrophy of the nasal pyramid. Rhinoplasty, also in rhinoseptoplasty version, can be applied:

  • for a nose that has too wide nostrils
  • for a curved nose
  • for a nose that causes difficulty breathing
  • for a nose with the deviated septum
  • for a nose that is asymmetrical due to a previous fracture
  • for a nose with a fleshy tip
  • for a nose that has a snub or flattened tip

Also, rhinoplasty is useful when the columella is retracted and the upper lip is short, when the tip of the nose is drooping or when the columella is deviated. 

This situation is one of the most complicated for those involved in rhinoplasty. However, it is possible to intervene with the intention of centralize the septum: this occurs by removing the deviated portion, and often by resorting to separator grafts thanks to which the septum can be kept in place. 

In patients with a deviated nose, the axis of the nasal pyramid is displaced due to the conformation of the cartilages and bones. In many circumstances the deviated nose is the cause of breathing disordersdue to impaired nasal airflow. Intense snoring is one of the most frequent symptoms, together with headache, nasal voice and sleep apnea crises.

Sometimes, to obtain an optimal result from an aesthetic point of view, it is possible to combine rhinoplasty with a correction of the chin – the so-called mentoplasty – or with a lip correction – the so-called labiaplasty -: one has to do, in this case, With the profiling.

The surgery, however, leaves no visible scars, since the incisions are made inside the nose

If the improvement of the aesthetic appearance of the face has psychological implications that should not be underestimated in terms of self-esteem and self-confidence, it should not be forgotten that rhinoplasty operations they often contribute to optimizing breathing, i.e. the principal function of the nose. 

Get it right nasal function can be restored is not superfluous, given the negative consequences that can derive from inadequate nasal oxygenation: for example, difficulty in concentrating, worsening of the quality of sleep and, therefore, compromised physical performance during the day.  

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