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PSP FaceLift.

What's this?

This technique involves a lifting of the PLATISMA and SMAS muscles and their PLICATURA (PSP FACE LIFT).

These muscles are the mimic muscles of the face and neck which in this technique are repositioned and remodeled in order to correct age-related imperfections. This surgical technique is recommended in case of significant sagging of the middle and lower third of the face and neck.

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2 hours




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1 month after stitches are removed


The results

This type of face lift can be considered a cross between a Maxi Face Lift and a Mini Face Lift as, although it provides for a less extensive detachment of the anatomical planes than a Total Lifting, it determines a real repositioning of the mimic muscles facials with long-lasting results.

• The intervention lasts about 2 hours;
• Is under general anesthesia;
• Hospitalization is 1 night in the clinic.



A week of relative rest is recommended during which patients will have to wear an elastic bandage around the head for a week, during which there will be bruising and generalized swelling of the face.

The bruises will last about a week.
The swelling will last 10/14 days.
The first check-up will be one week after the operation, during which the dressings will be changed and the first stitches will be removed.
The second check-up will be 2 weeks after the surgery, during which the remaining stitches will be removed and at this point the patient will be able to return to his daily life.

This technique is used alone or as part of a total face lift or in combination with other mini/maxi face lift techniques.

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