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Argon plasma

What's this?

This machine represents the latest innovation in the field of body remodeling.

Thanks to ' use of plasma energy this machine allows you to eliminate skin laxity without scars. Through the use of a special handpiece, Argon gas is injected into the subcutaneous planes which will subsequently be burned, creating heat and contraction of the soft tissues thus obtaining a real lifting of the skin without having to remove it with a scalpel.


After anesthesia, the handpiece with a diameter of a few millimeters will be introduced into the areas to be treated through very small incisions that do not leave scars. At this point the surgeon will make a few passes in the points where you want to obtain greater skin retraction and the session will be over.

This machine is very useful both when used alone and in combination with all body remodeling interventions where it is necessary to remove excess skin.

Argon plasma finds its maximum indication in combination with high definition LIPOSUCTION interventions (High definition lipo 4 D). The Doctor Moraci uses argon plasma in combination with the VASER SYSTEM to perform a body remodeling technique perfected by him (HIGH-DEF LIPO 4 D) which allows to obtain the maximum result in terms of removal of adipose tissue / reduction of skin laxity and body definition.

Thanks to this cutting-edge technique, Dr. Moraci manages to give an athletic appearance to those who were previously overweight, managing not only to remove excess fat tissue but also to sculpt every single muscle on the treated areas, thinning the skin up to a few millimeters. and emphasizing the underlying muscles.

A lax and obese abdomen will regain a toned and athletic appearance. The same will be possible to improve legs, buttocks, back, arms and even the face.

Il argon plasma it is a very versatile machine. In fact, it is also used in combination with the classics abdominoplasty surgery ; leg lift ; arm lift ; face ; neck or even on the breast.

Even in these cases, in fact, thanks to the Argon plasma however, it will be possible to obtain a skin retraction such that it will allow to carry out the same operations with smaller and less visible scars: a Mastopexy operation (breast lifting) for which an inverted T scar would be foreseen, if combined with Argon Plasma, could be performed with a much smaller scar only around the areola for example .

A complete tummy tuck could turn into a mini tummy tuck, a brachioplasty (arm lift) might no longer be necessary

Il Argon plasma today it is considered the golden standard in all body contouring procedures and is now irreplaceable for all Plastic surgeonsthose who want to obtain high-level results.

Its use does not involve any risk and can be used both under local anesthesia for small skin laxities and under general anesthesia to treat larger areas or in combination with other surgical interventions.



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