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What's this?

It is the surgery that corrects protruding ears.

This surgery is useful for correcting the position and shape of the ears. It is performed through a small incision behind the ears that results in an invisible scar. Through this incision we intervene on the auricular cartilages by modifying their position and shape by incision or/and removing a portion of them when necessary. Once the cartilage has been modified, the excess skin is removed and sutured with absorbable stitches.

Useful Information

When and how is it done?

There are many surgical techniques to perform this operation, it will therefore be necessary for the patient to undergo an accurate preoperative visit to allow Dr. Moraci to plan the operation in the best possible way. The operation is simple to perform for a Plastic Surgery specialist and is generally performed in Day-Surgery on an outpatient basis and under local anesthesia. The duration of the intervention is 30-60 min. Otoplasty can also be useful to correct asymmetries and congenital malformations of the ear.

Otoplasty is a surgical intervention that does not involve major risks other than a recurrence. In fact, if performed incorrectly or due to poor healing, in rare cases the ears can return to their initial position or in any case become malpositioned. This complication requires corrective reoperation.


from 30 to 60 minutes






Wear elastic bands for 2/3 weeks



Before surgery, the patient must undergo appropriate preoperative investigations such as blood tests and electrocardiogram.



After the operation, the ears will have to be protected and kept in the new position by placing an elastic bandage which will have to be worn for 2-3 weeks and which the patient can hide with a hair band or a hat. The postoperative period provides that the patient does not wet the wound for 1 week. Return to routine activities is immediate. Subcutaneous bruises and hematomas may be present for a few days but not visible because they are hidden by the band.

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