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Dr Marco Moraci, specialist in aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery, performs Otoplasty in Naples.

When you are talking about Naples otoplasty we refer to surgical interventions that aim to correct the appearance of the ears and the imperfections that characterize them. The most common example is that of protruding ears, but the cases are very wide and varied. 

An operation of otoplasty it can allow you to change shape and size of the dimensions: the aim is to improve the harmony of the face and, therefore, to increase the patient's self-esteem. 

Specifications of otoplasty surgery

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2 1 h

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anesthesiologically assisted sedation

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Otoplasty prices Naples

The cost of an otoplasty operation in Naples depends on many different factors to be evaluated during a visit with your doctor.

Surgical technique, duration of the intervention. Anesthesia can vary and affect the final cost of the surgery 

Who can have otoplasty surgery?

It is estimated that about 1 in 100 people have protruding ears (also known as looped ears).

From the point of view of age, there are no specific limits to be respected in case one intends to undergo an operation of this type, even if experts always recommend waiting for the conclusion of the development of the auricle. 

Otoplasty operations in Naples in children aged 6 and up are not rare, also because in childhood and in puberty an aesthetic defect such as the one represented by protruding ears can be a source of embarrassment, a cause of low self-esteem and the origin of problems in social relationships with peers.

It must be said, however, that excellent results can be achieved even in adulthood.

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The visit to be carried out before the operation is very important, above all because we are talking about a personalized intervention which requires careful and detailed scrutiny. In particular, the surgeon is called to check the size and shape of the ears, which can also be different in the same subject. 

Some alterations such as scarring problems, coagulation difficulties or high blood pressure, smoke, risk compromising the final result. As regards the diet to be followed before surgery, the surgeon himself will provide all the necessary indications, and the same also applies in relation to smoking cigarettes, consumption of alcoholic beverages and taking medicines. 

Otoplasty operations in Naples are usually carried out in a day hospital regime: general anesthesia is provided for children, while adults are resorted tolocal anesthesia with sedationIn other words, you stay awake but feel no pain. 

The operation can take between 1 and 2 hours. 

The incisions remain invisible, since they are hidden behind the auricle: consequently there are no aesthetic problems. 

Once the operation, which is completely painless, is completed, a turban dressing, which must be kept for a couple of days. In fact, the 48 hours following the operation are the most problematic and delicate: the patient must remain at rest keeping his head raised, and only from the third day onwards can he start following a normal life again: the important thing is to avoid using glasses, do not expose yourself directly to the sun, do not go to steam rooms or saunas and do not engage in activities that require physical effort. 

Between the third and seventh day, after the turban has been removed, the patient should wear a hair band or a restraining band, such as those used by tennis players, both day and night. 

From the eighth day onwards, restraint should be held only at nightfor the following three weeks. 

As far as daily hygiene operations are concerned, to take a shower it is necessary to wait about ten days after the operation, the indispensable time for the incisions to heal.

Through Naples otoplasty you have the possibility of remodeling and repositioning the so-called protruding ears, which in scientific jargon are called prominent ears

Furthermore, the intervention allows to correct defects that may have been caused by the removal of a tumor (with the demolition of the auricle) or by a trauma, but also genetic defects:

  • the lobes too wide
  • lobes too long
  • ears too big
  • ears too small
  • partial loss of ears

In the two days following the operation around the treated area you may notice some bruising accompanied by swelling; are rare, instead, cases of keloid scars, hematomas or infections. 

Otoplasty guarantees permanent results, and in the case of protruding ears, recurrences are extremely rare, provided that we do not limit ourselves to applying traction stitches but we resort to techniques through which the cartilage of the auricle is sculpted. 

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