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The chin is one of the key points in facial aesthetics. Its size and shape are key in giving and taking grace to the face.

Patients who want to improve their chin are usually quite young as if there is a chin defect it can create discomfort from an early age.

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30 minutes






7 days



The REDUCTION MENTOPLASTY consists in the reduction of the chin bone itself through an operation that is performed from inside the mouth, leaving no visible scar.

This operation requires general anesthesia and a 1-night stay in the clinic.

ADDITIVE MENTOPLASTY instead involves the use of silicone prostheses that will be inserted from inside the mouth, without leaving any visible scars.
This intervention, unlike the previous one, can be performed under local anesthesia and in day hospital regimen.



All MENTOPLASTY interventions may involve slight pain in the postoperative period and patients may need analgesic therapy for a few days.

The postoperative course implies that the patient has a predominantly liquid diet for the first postoperative week so as not to stress the surgical wounds located inside the mouth.
There are generally no bruises but only swelling of the chin, visible for about 7/10 days.
Antibiotic and anti-inflammatory therapy is mandatory.

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