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Breast augmentation.

What's this?

It is one of the most requested interventions. It is the necessary intervention to improve the size and shape of the breast.

Thanks to the use of breast prostheses that can be of different shapes and sizes, the different expectations of the patients are satisfied. It is an intervention that affects a very wide age range (from 18 to 55-60 years).

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1 hours


Local / General


5 days


1 week first checkup
2 weeks according to control
4 weeks third checkup


The results

These patients clearly have different needs: the younger ones want fuller and more prosperous breasts while the older ones simply want to fill a breast that is empty due to age or following pregnancy.

The breast is an extremely important element for a woman. Symbol of femininity and prosperity, the breast can give or take away a lot from the female figure. This intervention will therefore have to create harmony where there is none. It will have to fill but without creating disproportions.

For this reason I always insist on the need to obtain results that are as natural as possible.
I dedicate a lot of time to visits with my patients because before carrying out these operations I want to understand exactly what the expectations and needs of each individual patient are, and based on the different needs, I will use different prostheses and techniques.

In addition to being of different shapes and sizes, breast implants can be positioned under the mammary gland or under the pectoral muscle, thus obtaining different shapes and volumes.
I consider this intervention as a mosaic in which many elements must fit together: breast implants are only a part of the mosaic, the most important thing is how to use the tissues to build the mosaic... in thin patients the implant will have to go under the muscle , while in the case of slightly sagging breasts it will be better to place the prostheses under the gland to obtain a lifting effect... and so on.

Even for the scar there are different options: from the areola, from the armpit or from the inframammary fold. In reality, however, the scar that I almost always recommend is the one around the areola. This scar heals very well and becomes almost invisible after a few weeks. The periareolar scar does not involve greater risks than the others and is by far the one that heals first.

This intervention can be performed in day hospital, under general anesthesia or even local with sedation. The duration of the operation is rather short and the postoperative course is also quite simple: a week to remove the stitches and to return to everyday life; four weeks before being able to play sports; for four weeks you will need to use a supportive bra.

It is an extremely successful operation.



Absolute rest for the first week during which it will be necessary to: avoid any kind of effort; avoid raising your arms upwards; do not drive a car, do not wet scars; do not touch the dressing; do not sleep on your stomach or on your sides; wear a tight bra; take the prescribed medications.

Seven days after the operation you will have the first check-up, during which the stitches will be removed and after which you can go back to work, always avoiding excessive efforts.
For four weeks following surgery, wear the supportive bra night and day and avoid overexertion.
After four weeks you will have a second check-up, after which you will be able to consider yourself completely healed and you will also be able to return to sporting activity. At this point it will no longer be necessary to use the snug bra. In this phase you will have to start massaging the breasts daily, moving them clockwise and counterclockwise. For the first six months, do not use underwire bras and do not sunbathe the scars.
After the first six months: final check-up.



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