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Breast Augmentation in Naples

Doctor Marco Moraci, SPECIALIST in Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, performs breast augmentation operations in Naples.

Among the aesthetic plastic surgery operations, one of the most frequent is represented right from breast augmentation, whose goal is to increase the volume of the breasts.

Those who undergo breast augmentation in Naples do so, in many cases, for
appreciate yourself more, to raise your self-esteem and to improve the harmony of the whole body.

It is not uncommon for a woman with small breasts to feel less of a woman: in short, this prerogative is perceived – rightly or wrongly - like one diminutio his femininity.

Specifications of breast augmentation surgery

Intervention duration:

Post operation recovery:


Sun exposure:

Duration of hospitalization:

Price of the intervention:

30 minutes – 1 hour

7 days

anesthesiologically assisted sedation

After 1 month

In the day

It depends on the type of technique and prosthesis

Breast augmentation prices Naples

The cost of breast augmentation surgery varies based on several factors. The price of an operation of this type can therefore only be determined following a preliminary medical examination.

Who can undergo breast augmentation surgery

Breast augmentation in Naples is recommended for all women who have
hypomastia, breast asymmetry or tuberous breasts: in this case
specific technical modifications are also needed to improve the glands.

All women who want larger and more toned breasts can undergo this surgery.

The intervention is useful, then, in the presence of a small breast,
emptied or flat. It may also happen that after breastfeeding, a woman has the desire to restore the previous breast volumes.

It is worth highlighting that, in any case, breast augmentation is prohibited by law for girls who have not yet turned eighteen.

Breast augmentation Naples


The procedure that must be followed to prepare for an operation breast augmentation in Naples it is very simple: on the day of the operation, you must be fasting. Furthermore, it is advisable that the body is free of creams and that the nails are not painted. 

An experienced professional doesn't need more than an hour of time for one standard breast augmentation, which requires placement of the prostheses within a pocket that may be subglandular, submuscular, or biplanar dual plane

Generally there is no need for general anesthesia, and therefore intubation is avoided, which is in any case a traumatic practice, but one resorts to one anesthesiologically assisted sedation, thanks to which in the post-operative period the patient has the possibility of recovering very quickly. For this reason, the return home is already guaranteed within a few hours.

Based on the different anatomical characteristics of the patients La breast augmentation it can be performed with different surgical techniques. Specifically, the breast pocket where the prosthesis will be housed can be:1) dual plane, which we mentioned earlier, is able to guarantee a lasting and at the same time natural result both to the eye and to the touch. It is an avant-garde solution that ensures adequate coverage of the prosthesis, which will not be noticed, and a very natural softness to the touch.

2) retroglandular, always provided that the breast tissue is thick enough to allow it: in this case the prosthesis is positioned above the muscle, behind the breast tissue. 

3) retromuscular mammoplasty, instead, the breast prosthesis is placed behind the pectoralis major: this allows to obtain a breast with a natural appearance, with the neckline that does not allow the edges of the prostheses to be glimpsed. This technique is recommended when the subcutaneous and breast tissue is particularly thin.

Il postoperative course it is generally painless or not very painful, but can still be a source of discomfort: the patient must wear a special medical-type bra for 4 weeks, which will usually be provided by your plastic surgeon. This must always be kept, both day and night, for 30 days. Then, in the following twenty days it can be worn only at night. The aim is to ensure that the prosthesis fits as necessary within the lodge that the surgeon has made. 

It must be said, however, that after a breast augmentation in Naples you can resume all normal social activities within 24 hours. A little more care is needed for full use of the arms: before returning to sports or lifting weights, you need to wait a few weeks.

If after surgery the breasts feel harder and swollen, there is nothing to worry about: this is normal. As time goes by, it will assume the desired shape, provided that the indications provided are respected. 

THEself-examination however it remains possible, since the prosthesis is located behind the glandular tissue.

Contact the best plastic surgeon Breast augmentation Naples to be sure of an impeccable result!

It is actually a urban legend, according to which the prostheses could explode in flight due to the increase in atmospheric pressure; in reality, inside an aircraft, the level of atmospheric pressure does not change according to the height at which one is. It must be said, on the other hand, that the prostheses are made with a high resistance capacity able to tolerate sudden changes in the level of atmospheric pressure. 

Such an assumption - therefore – can be safely excluded. 

In the 9 months of gestation the breasts subjected to breast augmentation they will behave like a non-operated breast and therefore will tend to increase in volume and, also for them, all the changes that usually occur during pregnancy will take place. 

La breast augmentation it does not compromise breastfeeding, as the prostheses do not prevent the mammary gland from producing milk. In this sense, therefore, there are no contraindications. 

A breast augmented with the breast augmentation technique looks very similar to a natural breast, provided that: 

  • the inserted prostheses have a shape and size suitable for the patient's body
  • are placed in the correct breast pouch for the patient in question.
  • there are no post-operative complications, such as the one already mentioned capsular contracture.

When the implants are positioned in the right way and there have been no adverse reactions (such as capsular contracture or rupture of the implants), the breast appears to be very natural. 

The operation of Breast augmentation in Naples, in the vast majority of cases, it does not involve risks of any kind. Like any other surgical solution, however, can cause both generic and specific complications; the most widespread is capsular contracture, ie the rupture of silicone prostheses, in one or both breasts. 

The contracture can be of a mild type and, in this case, a new operation will not be necessary, or of a severe type, in which case instead a further operation may be necessary to replace the prosthetic device.   

However, it should be emphasized that, thanks to the innovative materials that are used today for the intervention, this unexpected event is increasingly rare.

After the insertion of the breast implants it is possible to undergo diagnostic tests without problems, meaning by them ultrasounds, mammograms or magnetic resonance. They will be always capable of returning clear images of breast tissue.

This type of intervention can be performed alone or together with other surgical solutions, such as, for example, theabdominoplasty either liposuction or rhinoplasty.

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