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What's this?

It is the intervention requested by a higher age group (35-55 years).

Following pregnancy or significant weight loss or simply due to age, the mammary gland undergoes atrophy. The tissues therefore become thinner and thinner and the breast empties and falls, leading to a condition called mammary ptosis. Different mastopexy techniques will be used based on the extent of the ptosis.

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2 hours




5 days


1 month after stitches are removed


The results

Mastopexy involves: 1. the removal of excess skin; 2. the repositioning of the mammary gland and its annexes upwards; 3. the restoration of tone and fullness.

Mastopexy may or may not be associated with the use of breast implants. The purpose of this surgery is clearly to reuse the autologous breast tissue as a natural prosthesis but sometimes the amount of remaining breast tissue is not sufficient to give the breast a full and toned appearance, consequently a small prosthesis can solve the problem.

As already mentioned, there are various mastopexy techniques, each of them involves a different scar. The scar may be: 1. periareolar (around the areola) for slightly sagging breasts; 2. more vertical periareolar (sec. Lejure) for moderately sagging breasts; 3. periareolar more vertical more horizontal (inverted T shape) for very emptied and very sagging breasts;

This intervention has a different duration based on the technique used (1-3 hours). It is carried out under general anesthesia. It requires an overnight stay in hospital and a rather simple and painless postoperative course: 4 days to remove the stitches; 2 weeks to return to everyday life and for 4-6 weeks you will have to use a supportive bra. The scars present following this intervention heal in a period ranging from 6 to 12 months and are generally thin and not very evident. It is an intervention that gives great satisfaction and self-esteem to women who thus rediscover their lost femininity.



Absolute rest for 1 week during which you won't have to wet the scars, you won't have to sleep on your stomach or on your sides, you won't have to raise your arms upwards, you won't have to drive the car. You will have to wear the snug bra day and night. Take prescribed medications.

7 days after the surgery you will have your first check-up, during which your doctor will give you further instructions and change the dressing.

After 14 days you will have the second check-up during which the stitches will be removed. At this point you can gradually increase physical activity without making excessive physical efforts.

After 4-6 weeks you will have another check-up after which you will be considered completely healed and you will be able to return to everyday life, including sporting activity. It will no longer be necessary to wear a tight bra.

For the first six months, avoid wearing underwire bras and avoid exposing the scars to the sun.

After 6 months: final check-up.

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