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Liquid Lift

What's this?

it is an antiaging infiltrative technique which, through the use of hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin, relaxes and restores facial volumes.

Through the use of very thin cannulas it is infiltrated hyaluronic acid of different specific weights based on the different areas of the face to be treated, creating a lifting effect.

La botulinum toxin instead it is used to relax the most stubborn expressive wrinkles, obtaining a relaxing effect.
These products, in addition to smoothing, volumizing and defining, hydrate and nourish the skin tissues, biostimulating them and giving a younger and more toned look to the face. In a single session, 5 to 12 ml of hyaluronic acid can be infiltrated according to the specific case.
After applying anesthetic cream on the face, the patient will undergo the session which will last from 30 to 45 minutes.

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The results

At the end of the session an ice mask will be applied and then a soothing mask. This technique has no side effects except sometimes small bruises that are reabsorbed within 2/3 days. L'effect is immediate but the result improves considerably within 10-15 days following the treatment. The session can be repeated 2/3 times over a year.

LIQUID LIFT is the most advanced antiaging infiltrative technique in the world and is really important and effective both for treating and preventing facial blemishes.


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