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Lipofilling in Naples

Lipofilling in Naples

Doctor Marco Moraci, who has been an ordinary member of the Italian Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery SICPRE , carries out lipofilling operations in Naples. 

An operation of lipofilling in Naples it consists of an autologous tissue graft which is carried out through the infiltration of tissue taken from the patient. 

The transferred tissue is able to survive in the site where it is positioned only if it is placed in direct contact with tissues that are well vascularized, thanks to which it will be able to generate new vascular connections or draw nourishment by imbibition. 

The fat, i.e. the adipose tissue, is aspirated with small cannulas which are connected to syringes, to then be reintroduced into the area being treated. 

Lipofilling procedure specifications

Intervention duration:

Post operation recovery:


Sun exposure:

Duration of hospitalization:

Price of the intervention:


from 7 – to 20 days

anesthesiologically assisted sedation

After 1 month

In the day


Lipofilling Naples prices

The cost of an intervention lipofilling in Naples varies according to the part of the body involved and its extent; the overall expense takes into account not only the surgeon's and anesthetist's fees, but also the prices relating to the operating room and the hospitalization plan. 

In the event that lipofilling is adopted to reshape the nose and lips, they are spent approximately EUR 400, when instead we talk about buttocks lipofilling you can get there up to three thousand euros.

Who can undergo lipofilling surgery?

Lipofilling can be used for various parts of the body: for example to rejuvenate the hands and face, but also to correct localized tissue atrophy. This treatment also allows you to change the profile of different parts of the face:

  • the mandible
  • chin
  • the furrows of the nose
  • lips
  • the cheekbones

Lipofilling in Naples and its provinceLipofilling surgery in Naples


In the two days preceding the intervention it is necessary to avoid smoking, while resorting to tanning lamps must be suspended at least one week in advance. It is necessary to depilate the parts of the body located around the area in which the intervention is to take place. On the day of the surgery, you must not have nail polish on your hands or feet; at the same time it is necessary to avoid blush, foundation or other colored creams. In short, the makeover it is banned. 

The evening before the treatment it is advisable to eat lightly, and in any case to remain fasting from midnight onwards, avoiding both the consumption of solid foods and the ingestion of liquids. 

In the event that medicines have been taken in the previous seven days - and in particular anti-inflammatories - it is necessary to inform the doctor; the same applies to any feverish states encountered. 

Obviously, no therapy in progress should be suspended without having asked your doctor for an opinion. In any case, in the presence of pathologies and related therapeutic treatments, it is advisable to provide all the relative documentation. 

In the two weeks preceding the intervention and in the following two weeks it is prohibited taking aspirin or other anti-inflammatories

After the intervention it is necessary to respect some prescriptions:

  • do not consume alcohol in the hours following the treatment;
  • avoid exercising, playing sports or making excessive efforts;
  • pay attention to exposure to heat sources and the sun;
  • do not smoke in the following ten days, or in any case until a total recovery has been achieved.

As for the return to normal daily life, it is good to know that the pain can last about twenty days, while you can go back to sports after a month. In the case of breast lipofilling, you can start driving again without too many problems, provided that the breasts are not subjected to intense compressions for at least a month.

Lipofilling in Naples can be used both for aesthetic purposes and for reconstructive purposes. 

Il aspirated fat is processed by centrifugation so that the various components of the adipose tissue can be separated: in doing so, only the part with the highest content of fat is re-injected stamina cells and growth factors. In practice, excess fluids are eliminated from the aspirated fat; then it is injected until the desired correction is achieved. 

One of the most significant benefits of this treatment is that the transferred fat stays in place for life. In addition, the technique in question prevents the appearance of allergies and guarantees a completely natural result. The adipose tissue is taken from a part of the body such as the thighs, hips or abdomen where it is more compact.

Il Breast lipofilling Naples it is a very common operation and not at all dangerous. The fat is reinjected on both sides, above and below the mammary gland. No scars remain at the breasts, while a scar of less than 5 millimeters is visible at the point where the fat is taken. 

La low invasiveness makes it possible to speak of an extremely safe operation: there are rare cases in which the skin profile reveals irregularities or asymmetries, and in any case these defects can be corrected without problems. 

To prevent the risk of infections, instead, simply undertake a antibiotic therapy

The fat transplant can also be used to correct the imperfections that are caused by the implantation of breast implants for the increase in breast volume: in these circumstances, in fact, points with irregular contours may appear in correspondence with the upper breast portion . 

Not only that: lipofilling is also useful for intervening on capsular contractures or to treat the damage that radiotherapy causes to tissues, promoting their healing and their revascularization.

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