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Face and Neck Lifting.

What's this?

It is perhaps the most fascinating intervention in cosmetic surgery. The idea of ​​improving or modifying one's features sometimes conquers, sometimes terrifies but, in any case, everyone is fascinated by it.

The people who come to my studio asking for this surgery are motivated by the most diverse needs: those who don't agree to age, those who want to look different, and it's incredible to observe how these people live better with themselves once the surgery has been performed. It is of great complexity and requires a careful evaluation of the physical and psychological characteristics of the patient.

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2 / 3 hours




almost immediate


After 7 days there will be the first check-up and after 14 a second visit.


The results

There are many techniques that can be used to do this.

Today's techniques are less aggressive than those used in the past, and for each anatomical district of the face we have specific techniques available (eyebrow lift, temporal lift, cheek lift, neck lift, MIVEL lift, MACS lift, minilift , etc etc.). The complete face lifting procedure is dedicated to older faces . Alternatively, when only a few specific points of the face need to be modified, we can make use of many modern, minimally invasive techniques that allow us to intervene on every single part of the face according to the needs of the case:

EYEBROW LIFTING to lift the eyebrows and the eye area.

MIDDLE MIDDLE LIFTING (MIVEL LIFT) to intervene on the cheeks and cheekbones

NECK LIFTING to rejuvenate the neck and lower part of the face

ONE STITCH FACE LIFT for younger patients with slight sagging of the temporal and periocular area

TEMPORAL LIFTING to rejuvenate TEMPLES AND PERIOCULAR AREA eyes in combination with BLEPHAROPLASTY operations.

Modern facelift techniques involve fewer risks, a much easier post-operative period, with no pain or bruising, virtually no medications, and return to daily life within a few days. The big difference between the old and the new surgical techniques consists in the fact that today it is no longer only the excess skin that is pulled but the facial muscles are acted above all, repositioning them, giving more lasting and more natural results that improve the features without altering them, preserving those unique and unrepeatable characteristics of each individual face.

Each face is unique and unrepeatable, consequently it will be the Surgeon's task to know how to adapt different techniques to the individual cases he will have to treat.

When we talk about COMPLETE CERVICAL FACIAL LIFTING we intend to intervene on all parts of the face, neck and eyes. That is, there is talk of intervening on patients aged between 50 and 70 years and beyond.

In these cases the operation is aimed at repositioning all the muscles of the face and neck and eliminating excess skin.

The duration of the operation varies according to the technique used (2-3 hours).

It must be performed under general anesthesia.

It always includes a night's hospitalization.

The expected scar may be different based on the technique to be used.
It is not a painful operation.


Preparation for surgery

Before the operation, patients will have to undergo the appropriate specialist visits during which the plastic surgeon will explain the benefits, risks and all the details relating to the operation.
The surgeon will also request a series of preoperative diagnostic tests to verify the health status of the candidate patient. Tests usually consist of blood tests, chest x-rays; ECG to be integrated with any further tests if necessary.
The facial proportions, state of health of the skin and subcutaneous tissues and their position will be verified. The presence or absence of skin pathologies and possible allergies.
Preoperative photographs will be taken and the parts of the face to be modified will be studied together with the patient in order to understand the potential result.
They will have the informed consent filled in and a date will be scheduled for the intervention.

On the morning of the operation, patients must go to the clinic on an empty stomach and carry out an antiseptic shampoo to reduce the risk of infections.


Patients at the end of the surgery, patients will wake up with a sheath around their face that will have to be worn for a week. During the first week there may be small bruises and swelling of the face but there will be no limitation on daily activities.
After 7 days there will be the first check-up and after 14 a second visit.
The return to normal life is almost immediate.
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