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Eyebrow lift.

What's this?

The position of the eyebrow plays a key role in the aesthetics of the gaze.

Today more and more men and women turn to beauticians and aesthetic medicine to shape or raise their eyebrows in order to obtain a more open and luminous eye.
A good result can be obtained thanks to injections of botulinum toxin performed by expert hands, however the best and most lasting solution to obtain a good result is the surgical one.

Useful Information


2 hours




5 days


1 month after stitches are removed


The results

Eyebrow lifting surgery can be performed with different techniques, however to date the best is the endoscopic one.

The endoscopic eyebrow lifting is performed entirely with a special endoscope which is inserted through small incisions in the scalp, therefore with the total absence of scars.

During the operation, the eyebrow muscles will be repositioned higher up and anchored with small titanium screws.

This technique plays a key role in facial rejuvenation today and can be performed alone or in combination with other face/neck lifting procedures.



The result is permanent and the postoperative course is very simple and painless. There are no sutures to remove as they are absorbable.

You will simply have to wear a hair band for a few days.
No major bruising or swelling.

Patients may sometimes complain of a slight headache for a few days.

Antibiotic / analgesic / anti-inflammatory therapy is mandatory.

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