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What's this?

It is the intervention recommended for those who want to improve the shape and volume of the buttocks.

GLUTEOPLASTY can be performed either by fat autotransplantation (LIPOFILLING) or by positioning fixed prostheses.

Useful Information


2 hours




5 days


1 month after stitches are removed


The results

In cases of GLUTEOPLASTY WITH PROSTHESIS, the silicone prostheses will be implanted in the upper part of the buttocks thanks to a 6/7 cm incision made in the intergluteal groove. The location of the prostheses can be subfascial, intra or submuscular.

The operation is performed under general anesthesia and lasts approximately 2 hours.



After the operation, a compressive dressing will be applied for 7 days and suction drainage will be used for 24/48 hours.

Afterwards, patients will have to wear an elastic bandage for another 3 weeks.

The supine position is not recommended for 2 weeks while patients can already sit down starting from the second postoperative day.

Physical activity can be resumed one month after the operation.

In very rare cases, gluteoplasty involves risks of asymmetry, seroma, capsular contracture of the prosthesis, breakage of the prostheses.

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