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DAS extension.

What's this?

For the first time in Italy DAS, the new medical laser for NON-SURGICAL BLEPHAROPLASTY AND FOR ALL SKIN BLEMISHES.


How it works

The DAS is a long-wave radiofrequency device that exploits the concept of cold plasma for the sublimation of the superficial layer of the skin.

The radio frequency creates an electric arc, through the electrode, which generates heat on the tissue.
The plasma is induced by the DAS medical equipment.
The Dermo Ablation Surgery Medical Device (DAS Medical) is therefore a medical device generating long-wave radiofrequency with a thermal induction effect


What is

It is used with a particular comfortable and non-invasive technology for the treatment of skin blemishes that can occur on the skin of the face or body, whose origins can be congenital-hereditary, or acquired over time, due to aging, lifestyle, or external factors.



They are many, for example: skin laxity of the lower and upper eyelids, wrinkles, scars, spots, acne, small epidermal growths, xanthelasmas.

Depending on the type of electrode, the device allows you to treat both bad conductive tissues and normal conductive tissues (skin spots, moles, condylomas, fibroids, wrinkles) without causing depressions, dyschromias and without applying anesthesia except for particular types of intervention.
The medical device is intended for use by personnel specialized in the medical field. The DAS can be exhaustively applied in the following areas: freckles, seborrheic keratoses, benign dermal nevi, exophytic lesions, viral warts, skin tags, fibrous papules, sebaceous hyperplasia, xanthelasma, ruby ​​angiomas, condyloma acuminata, facial capillaries, scars, wrinkles , stretch marks, eyelid skin laxity, skin irregularities, electropeel.


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