Female Intima Surgery | Dr Marco Moraci

Female intimate surgery.

What's this?

Female intimate surgery is a relatively "new" type of surgery and little known in Italy.

In fact, it has only been a few years since women have become more aware of the aesthetic aspect of their private parts.

Demanding to live their sexuality to the fullest, they turn to plastic surgeons to improve imperfections that, until a few years ago, were taboo.

Useful Information


20 minutes




2 days


7 days first check
14 days according to inspection
1 month third checkup


The results

Remodeling of the labia minora.
It is the intervention thanks to which it is possible to reduce or correct asymmetries of the labia minora.

Many women complain of having the labia minora too long or asymmetrical and this sometimes causes embarrassment in front of the partner or even annoyance when wearing a tight-fitting swimsuit or during sports.

Duration of the intervention: 20-30 min.
Local anesthesia in day hospital regimen.



Post-operative course: 2-3 days of relative rest after which you can return to work; the sutures are absorbable.

Relatively painless.
6 weeks to return to sexual and sporting activity.
Risks: bruises, slight pain, burning on urination, prolongation of healing times.
Advantages: more harmonious and symmetrical labia minora.

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