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Dr. Marco Moraci performs botox treatments in Naples. The botulinum toxin, also known by its name botox®. this toxin can be used for both aesthetic and therapeutic purposes.

La botulinum toxin is an acetylcholine inhibitor , molecule responsible of the release of calcium ions on the neuromuscular plate. The reduction of calcium ions results in less muscle contraction in the areas where this toxin is infiltrated.

Based on this principle, the botulinum toxin it can be used whenever we need to reduce wrinkles caused by excessive muscle contraction. Furthermore, by infiltrating some muscle mimics we will cause an imbalance between agonist and antagonist muscles, obtaining a significant aesthetic improvement giving predominance to function of some muscles rather than others. A typical example is for example the Eyebrow lift obtainable infiltrating botulinum toxin in the corrugator muscle of the eyebrow thus giving predominance to the functionality of the frontalis muscle.


La botulinum toxin it can specifically be used for  eliminate periocluar, perilabial, frontal wrinkles or to modify the dynamic morphology of the nose allowing the tip to go up in those patients in which it tends to go down instead.

To see the effect, about 5 days will have to pass from the day of the infiltration, this is because thehe botulinum toxin has its own precise incubation time. The effect lasts approx 6 months. It is an aesthetic medicine method that is performed in a few minutes at any aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery medical clinic. The infiltration of the botulinum toxin involves the use of small needles which may lead to the appearance of small bruises.

After the treatment patients may complain of mild migraine for a couple of days.

The use of hats or helmets or physical exercise is not recommended for 24 hours after treatment.

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