Lip Augmentation Naples | Dr. Marco Moraci

Lip augmentation

What's this?

Volumetric increase and modification of the shape of the lips through hyaluronic acid infiltrations.


The results

Thanks to the use of specific products, the lips can be increased, stretched or redesigned according to the patient's needs
This method is aimed at patients of all ages and thanks to the use of different infiltration techniques it can always guarantee the most natural result possible. Russian lips, bolus technique, cannula or needle technique are just some of the techniques you can use for infiltrate the lips with hyaluronic acid and each technique must be tailored in the right way for the right patient. Cupid's bow, vermillion, prolabium, corners of the mouth: every single part of the lips can be improved.

The Intervention

Before infiltrations, an anesthetic ointment is applied to the lips and left to act for about 10 minutes, after which the session can proceed. At the end of the session, ice is applied and then an antibiotic balm. The lips may be slightly swollen for 24/48 hours after which the result will settle down. Very small bruises may also form which generally reabsorb within 2/3 days. The result lasts about 6 months after which the session can also be repeated.

Before after


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