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Reverse abdominoplasty.

What's this?

The surgery that with a single scar restores your belly and breasts

This technique was already used in the 70s in Brazil. Ended up forgotten for years, Dr. Moraci has modified and improved it, becoming today one of the leading experts in ITALY. His case history for this surgical technique is more than 700 cases.

Useful Information

Through a single hidden scar under the breast, excess skin is removed from the upper abdomen and the breast is reshaped

In fact, through this incision it will be possible to perform the classic interventions of breast augmentation, reduction or mastopexy (lifting) and at the same time excess skin and fat from the abdomen will be eliminated.

Particularly suitable for solving problems supraumbilical abdominal blemishes reverse abdominoplasty can be performed individually or combined with all breast surgery procedures.

This surgery is particularly indicated after pregnancy or weight loss.

In fact, once the "mothers" have finished breastfeeding, they feel the desire to feel fit again and to like themselves. However, the enormous act of love that leads them to face the great challenge of a pregnancy often leaves indelible marks on their bodies: stretch marks on abdomen and breasts, skin laxity, apron belly, sagging and emptied breasts. And here is an intervention by reverse abdominoplasty it can be decisive and give these women back their former body and femininity in a safe and definitive way.

The intervention

During a thorough visit, Dr. Moraci will evaluate whether the patient has the right surgical indication and whether or not she will be a candidate for this intervention. In fact, it is very important to distinguish patients who have greater laxity above the navel from those with greater laxity below the navel: reverse abdominoplasty will be recommended only in the case of supra-umbilical skin laxity, while in the case of greater skin laxity below the navel, reverse abdominoplasty will be recommended. below the navel, the classic abdominoplasty will be recommended. However sometimes, in extreme cases, both interventions can be performed (reverse and classic abdominoplasty) in order to remove excess skin both above and below the navel.

To guarantee a good result, it will be necessary to hide the scar as much as possible below the breasts, therefore the larger the breasts, the better the result will be: this is why this surgery is often combined with breast augmentation surgery: Greater breast volume = less visible scar .


from 2 to 3 hours




1 night

Back to normal

about 2 weeks

Resumption of sporting activity

about 4 weeks



The postoperative period is relatively painless if the patient rests for the first few days by correctly following the instructions and indicated drug therapy. The use of suction drainage is always envisaged, which will be removed 48 hours after the operation. The first checkup is after 1 week. The second checkup is after 2 weeks. The stitches will be removed after 14/21 days. Particular attention will be given to the healing phase. In fact, in this operation the scar must be perfect and therefore all therapeutic aids will be adopted to optimize the outcome. Laser therapy is sometimes used as a complementary therapy to optimize healing.


The results

This intervention gives enormous satisfaction and greatly improves the patients' self-esteem. In a single operation belly and breasts, figure and femininity improve definitively.

Before after

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